I am still researching and finishing the Volume II (in French). I have a new Security Service for my research and my writings.

30 September 2014: the translation of my book in English is finished. It is called: “Charlemagne the Lost History”. I am now looking for a Literary Agent and a Publisher.

31 July 2014: Presentation of my book “Carlo Magno la contro storia” at Pieve Torina.

16 July 2014: Workshop “I Carolingi nel Piceno” at the University of Camerino. I am one of the speakers (in italian).

Locanda Unicam
Workshop Unicam 16072014 testo E. de Moreau
I am afraid the text is in italian.

30 January 2014: conference at the Rotary Club of Camerino

29 November 2013: presentation of the book in the electronic newspaper of my Italian Commune of residency: Pievebovigliana.

14 November 2013: presentation, in Italian, of the book “Carlo Magno la contro storia” at the Castelli Romani Rotary Club.
Text of the conference:

Testo conferenza CarloMagno14novembre

Rotary CastelGandolfo

16 October 2013: to celebrate the publication of my book in Italian, the researcher Marco Graziosi adds a nice page to his site:

September 2013: My book is published in Italian by Albatros Il Filo

Cover Albatros Il Filo

August 2013: un article called “marche val di chienti” was published in the magazine published by VdG Magazine, which is the onboard magazine of the AirOne flights. My name is mentioned several times.
The link for the issue to read on line is:

Article magazine VdG2 118-120_S marche
Article magazine VdG 122_S marche

26 November 2012: conference in Sant’Elpidio a Mare. The subject is the abbey of Santa Croce.

Locandina Nov 2012

The new Roberto Lucanero CD has been published Amongst the songs, the musicologist/accordeon player, has written the text and the music of a beautiful song the subject of which is Empress Ageltrude (nineth century) he dedicated to me. Thank you, Roberto.

Roberto Lucanero MadonnadiRambona

September 2012: my book “Charlemagne la contre-histoire” was published in French by Edilivre. It is the result of my resesarch since 2004.



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